Wednesday, October 26, 2011

front porch stoopin'

i had this friend at my previous school. his name was charles and he was from long beach. (side note: lb to where this school was, at the base of the foothills, was considerably far away) he wore hamburger print pajama bottoms to class... naturally, i thought that most of what he said was interesting. he told me that over the summer when he was home, he and his friends would sit on their front stoops all day. all day. they just hung out there. this concept went over my head seeing as if i sat on my front porch at the time, i would see the field in front of my house and little else.

well, i needed a break from hw today and despite my best efforts, my house/i have felt chilly all day so i decided to make a cup of tea and go sit on the front steps of my apartment in the sun. it was cold out there too, and the sun decided to quickly set over the houses and trees opposite me. sigh...

in other news, i am officially halfway through my quarter at the end of the week. so far i have had two papers, a few quizzes, and immense amounts of reading (which i really do love). thank god i chose literature for my major. also, if there is ever a trivia night where the topics revolve around marco polo or the inuit, i am there baby! hopefully the rest of the quarter just sails by since i have other things on my mind as well (read: holidaysholidaysholidays) and somewhere in there is lots of baking.

also, i would just like to say thank you, yes, to you. YOU. for taking whatever time you do and reading my blog. i can't tell you what it means to me. truly. thank you.
happy wednesday all!

patience won in the end and the boots i posted here went on big-time sale :)


  1. I read your blogs daily....partly for what you write, but more cause I love the pictures and I get to see the updated version of Amb!! Love you lady!!

  2. Did you ever get to "front porch it" at Tom & Amy's old house in SF? They used to draw a crowd of neighbors and their dogs. It was quite an experience. Tom introduced me to Craig of Craig's list who lived in the neighborhood at that time.

  3. you're welcome!

    your blog is a pleasure to read :)