Wednesday, August 28, 2013

life's a beach...?

it's oddly intimidating to come back and write a post after so many months of being silent on the blogosphere. i don't know how many times i have thought about doing it and have stopped short as soon as i opened the web page. so many people say this, and it is really more of a given than anything, but i feel like i have gone through a transformation of sorts between then and now. so many monumental life changes have occurred -- some unbearably bad and some wonderfully amazing -- but mostly looking back at all of them makes me wonder, it's the end of august...? the fuck?

and trying to reconcile all that within a blog post is daunting to say the least. which begs the question as to why or to whom i feel like i need to qualify, quantify, rationalize myself and the reasons for which i have been quiet in respects to thegirlone. perhaps more than anything, it is the feeling that i need to do the aforementioned for myself. so putting aside that worm-hole for the moment and ignoring whatever implications that brings about for "self reflection" (quotes for irony), i guess i can say that today i write with the intention of re-integrating this peripheral element of my world back into a more common materialization. intention being the key word of course, because if nothing else, the last chunk of my life has really driven home the point that life, in fact, does just happen. and it is shit. sometimes. but sometimes, it is awesome. aka - it is life. and it's nice to be back typing again.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

nighttime zone out

 with little inspiring me in the realm of my closet or shoe collection at the present time, i spend my days dressed mostly in black and poorly layered for the fickle winter/spring-spring/winter days. i am attempting to find inspiration elsewhere though, and have been spending the moments at night when my brain cannot handle more homework or reading to shoe shop online and sift through blogs and tumblrs that are so filled with beauty and simplicity that it is okay that my brain can only handle the basic function of appreciating. i call it a therapy of sorts. it is only 9:43 but i am tired. and therefore i leave you with a stunning quote and the latest collection of shoe porn that has been building up in my shopping cart...


Born Kylin - Crown Collection 

Stuart Weitzman Upfront

DSQUARED2 W12A503246 49

Anne Klein Yilva

Dr. Martens Roma Tassle Loafer


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Thursday, January 17, 2013

will you be there in the morning?

i created a new pandora station based around the 80's women duo heart (but also throws in some journey, aerosmith and an occasional foreigner song) to which e commented - it makes me want to kill myself. our musical tastes just collide sometimes. however, a heart song invoked a rather nostalgic feeling in the midst of my too-early-to-function-need-more-coffee haze this morning as their song, will you be there in the morning, played. cue my borderline unhealthy obsession with baked goods for breakfast and suddenly i want to tell  you about the most amazing oatmeal, banana muffin recipe i stumbled upon on pinterest (of course). these delicious and hearty treats at once embody the heart song while answering it: no, no you will not be there in the morning because i couldn't seem to keep you relegated to the first meal of the day and instead ate you at all times and thus canceled out any hope for prolonged breakfast rendezvous.

recipe credits go to this blog where you can find the whole deal. warning: there is blender involved and if your blender is anything like mine (with 143 settings) it may turn out to be a little bit messy. very worth it though. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

suspender time

oh i am never happy with the weather. give me months of sun and i ask for fall, give me wintery chills and i beg for spring, give me spring and i impatiently tap my foot waiting for days when the sun sets at 8 and i am on the beach until that point. in the mean time, i am attempting to resurrect some of the more fun aspects of my closet that have been hiding for too long. enter: suspenders and clashing prints. lesson learned from all of this: suspenders are a girls best friend. stop buying belts. go buy suspenders and then wear them with everything possible, clashing prints included. also, please take note of the small attempts at finding a lingering spring in the neighborhood...

 scarf old, ribbed tank target, uo jeans, vintage suspenders, hm cardigan, usual rings, lucky watch, aj morgan glasses

Sunday, January 6, 2013

looking ahead

resolutions...2013...yada yada's not that i am against any of the standards that get ushered in with the new year, i just have never been big declarer of such for my own self. i mean, the most traditional i go with this time of year is buying a new day planner and switching out my old - which in my world is very exciting and something worth celebrating (so much room for lists and organization. so much room for activities...)

i do however enjoy looking ahead a bit to the coming year and thinking about all of the exciting things that are headed my way: finally finishing school, shooting a couple weddings and hopefully getting a photography website launched, the wedding of my best friend to the man of her dreams, and celebrating the usual round of birthdays that never seem to quit, baseball season of the world champion giants (spring training included) and hopefully a greater accumulation of shoes. i know that it is already january 6th and that might mean that i am a bit late on jumping on the new year bus, but i am excited for it and here's hoping that it is an amazing one for all of us!

f21 sweatshirt, target necklace and wrap bracelet, pisces cuff gift from e, uo pants, kathy van zeeland booties.