Saturday, October 1, 2011

AH (!!!) it's here!

*image taken from vintagerabbithalloween

it is here! it is here! it is here!
rabbit rabbit to all!

oh i am so, so happy that it is finally the season of fall and more importantly, october. i love so many things about this month - obviously the candy is fantastic (whoever decided on "bite-size" is my hero) but also this is the marker for me that the holidays are a'comin'! call me crazy but i have a mental countdown to when i can start listening to christmas music without e walking either himself or me into the road before a semi truck.

but before i get too ahead of myself on the later-to-come seasonal celebrations, i am going to really enjoy this first of october! on the to-do list involves finding a local pumpkin patch to dig through to find the perfect pumpkins, collecting fall-ish decor to add to the home, looking up new and yummy recipes to fill our tummies, and then of course there is the always growing pile of school work/procrastination work (read aimless internet wandering) that i hope to accomplish in the near future.

here are some things that i have been stockpiling in anticipation for this particular rabbit rabbit to hit:

oh you bet i am one of the few that loves candycorn!

disney vintage halloween print t from target :)

polishes: left from urban and the right is the never failing sally hansen in snappy sorbet

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