Sunday, October 2, 2011

sunday is my monday

utilitarian is by definition synonymous with practical, useful, functional and sensible - all things that usually describe my sundays. they are filled with picking-up after our weekend in which we inevitably strew various kitchen-wares around the house, at least 4 pairs of my shoes are lying about and bike parts have exploded out of the ordained "bike room." not to mention that e is back at work so i have started to save errand-running for sundays and have recently scheduled in homework time.

today is the supposed to be the last day of sun for the week and i am happily enjoying it. the rest of the day will consist of more reading, baking banana muffins, going to the gym and running down town to pick up a few things. hope everyone is having a great sunday and that the week doesn't really start for y'all until at the earliest, monday <3

utilitarian: cargo pockets - once used in middle school to carry extra things such as snacks, now, i have a giant purse for that.

menswear watch & favorite belt of all time: target and thrifted, keep me on time and keep my pants up.

probably one of my favorite go-to shirts for the loose fit and ridiculously soft fabric (quite amazing that it is still white after the amount of time that i have owned it. read: i spill all the freaking time!)

school boy cap! really wanted one after seeing a really cute picture of a girl wearing one on pinterest. fast-forward 3 weeks to random kohls $10 card in mail = me getting new hat basically for free.

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  1. all of these pics are GREAT! but, that last one of you in GORGEOUS!