Wednesday, August 28, 2013

life's a beach...?

it's oddly intimidating to come back and write a post after so many months of being silent on the blogosphere. i don't know how many times i have thought about doing it and have stopped short as soon as i opened the web page. so many people say this, and it is really more of a given than anything, but i feel like i have gone through a transformation of sorts between then and now. so many monumental life changes have occurred -- some unbearably bad and some wonderfully amazing -- but mostly looking back at all of them makes me wonder, it's the end of august...? the fuck?

and trying to reconcile all that within a blog post is daunting to say the least. which begs the question as to why or to whom i feel like i need to qualify, quantify, rationalize myself and the reasons for which i have been quiet in respects to thegirlone. perhaps more than anything, it is the feeling that i need to do the aforementioned for myself. so putting aside that worm-hole for the moment and ignoring whatever implications that brings about for "self reflection" (quotes for irony), i guess i can say that today i write with the intention of re-integrating this peripheral element of my world back into a more common materialization. intention being the key word of course, because if nothing else, the last chunk of my life has really driven home the point that life, in fact, does just happen. and it is shit. sometimes. but sometimes, it is awesome. aka - it is life. and it's nice to be back typing again.