Friday, October 21, 2011

pt. 2 of 2

here are the fun photos from our adventure today!

so today we went first to fort ord, an abandoned military base in seaside that was built in 1917 and closed down in 1994. this sort of place is my dream adventure! i get overly excited by the oddities and end of taking so, so, so many photos.

i am obsessed with the phones.

from there we headed further south and stopped in pacific grove at asilomar state beach to enjoy the slightly different coastline and just enjoy the sunny but crisp fall weather.


  1. Can we go to that base? I will bring a duffel bag, a set of pliers, a screw driver, and LOADS of ideas to make really cool stuff out of 're-claimed' items.

  2. i am also obsessed with the phone. pretty sure i'm going to see that fish again though... while i'm sleeping. as in, hello, eyeless but otherwise perfect looking fish, welcome to my subconscious. make yourself at home. creepy/beautiful.
    just kidding. these are amazing. i miss you and adventures with you very badly.