Wednesday, October 19, 2011

gettin' comfy

sometimes there are just days when things need to feel casual and comfortable. actually, those days should be everyday...still, it is not always achieved. how many times have i worn something somewhere only to think, nope, these pants are too tight (usually after lots of eating, which, let's be honest, is a lot of the time) or, i wish i would have brought along better shoes (most times when i think that wearing heels anywhere with an incline will be doable). so i think it is necessary to have something(s) in one's closet that is an all around comfy and easy solution to such occasions. also, something that negates the need for the following: snuggies, pajama jeans, pajama bottoms in public in general, slippers (also in the pajama family), i think if you just avoid wearing anything that possibly resembles pajamas out in public, you are golden.

example: after forcing myself out of workout clothes and into the shower, i needed to get dressed again for my late, wednesday night class in which we watch extraordinarily long films about the inuit culture/people. refusing to wear sweatpants in public does have its downfalls - ie here.
enter in my go-to: denim button down.

i only like my sleeves rolled up lately. no matter what. 

*thrifted demin shirt (i think the label says "fashion pilot" or something else equally fantastic)/forever skinnies/ bamboo flats

also, i got a bit tired of using my backyard as my background. so i sat on my living room floor. thank goodness for tripods.

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