Sunday, September 18, 2011


well it is my last official weekend before school starts and so far i think it has gone very well :)
the sun is out today in full force as if refusing to let anyone believe that the season is turning. i took some shots of a tree that has decided to dress up for fall without holding back that i will post soon. in the mean time, here are some things that have occupied my mind lately.

emphasis on the "super" part of these (haha, b)! i love that trader joe's puts all their goodies above the more healthy food so that as you are reaching for your frozen veggies or whatnot, you can look up and snag a box of something chocolate. these beat out peanut m'n'm's any day!
i would love, love, love to have an official cake plate. the funkier the color the better, as anything else feels to fancy for the apartment. however, since this beauty is a shocking $70, i will hopefully opt for something much cheaper, hopefully from a thrift store.
this one from target at $15 is much better!

slightly heeled ankle boots with a western flair :)
lemon pull apart cake - my next baking adventure :)

the woozy bear, aka winnie, woozala, WOOZ! winnifred, the bear, in her natural state right at this very moment!

hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
also, has anyone else been listening to the giants games vs colorado? omg!!!!!!!

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