Saturday, October 29, 2011


while we have had some amazing day trips in the past two weeks, this weekend thus far has been dedicated to staying in sc. i felt like i lived on caffeine this week and while that is not too far out of the ordinary for me, it just didn't seem to be hitting the spot like it usually does - hence, another long week.

that does not mean that exciting things have not happened though. monday was dedicated to this, my bf, b, arrived home from her worldly travels and we got the chance to catch up in the same time zone, i have reached the halfway point in the quarter for school, i have officially started on my christmas shopping, and last night (friday) e and i went to the midnight showing of the rocky horror picture show with a live shadow cast put on by the ucsc theater group (we realized how we really are homebodies when we were forced to stay up to 12 just to make it to the theater and then till 3 to watch the whole performance. totally worth it though!)

as for the rest of the weekend, it will be dedicated to the kind of cleaning/organizing that really does take more than 1 day, (continuing to) rediscover old favorites in my closet, pumpkin carving and maybe a show tonight. hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

cranberry orange scones from aria bakery in my hometown sent to me by my mom...
i really do have the greatest mom ever!

grey, wool fedora that was a christmas gift from b two years ago - perfect for the fall!

a colorful scarf that i usually pull out in the cooler weather since it is a bit heavy and is perfect for taking my otherwise neutral (read: sometimes boring) outfit up a notch

new (thrifted) watch - really, i have become obsessed with them lately!

naturally the saturday weather is gorgeous (again) and calls for more summer-like dresses than tights and scarves. this favorite is a collection of vintage scarves sewn together and came from one of my ultimate favorite vintage stores hidden on the backstreets of santa barbara.

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