Monday, October 22, 2012

put a cap on it

this is feeling a lot like a theme of late but if something inspires you, stick with it until it no longer does. so this post, like so many previous, is brought to you by a love of the sf giants and baseball in general! currently caught up in game seven of the nlcs and can hardly sit still long enough to type this out. am freaking the fuck out and loving every moment of it.
feast your eyes for some baseball cap inspired fashion and go buy one - preferably one that has an "sf" logo on it

Sunday, October 7, 2012

lovin' delequint style

this has moved beyond ridiculous and into the realm of pathetic - have not been a very responsible blogger... somehow, two (+?) weeks got away from me and i am still lingering on my last post thinking that i should really get my ass in gear and sit down for five minutes to write a new damn entry. lots of things have happened which are probably easiest understood as a list (oh how i love thee). not limited to nor are the following are in any order of importance:

the giants have entered the post season (and have discovered that my hate for fox sports broadcasting can grow even more...)
i went to one of the last games of the regular season played at at&t park
school started
in accordance with above - i have already read  700+ pages in a week and a half
christmas presents have been purchased already
went to hardly strictly bluegrass festival in sf
new girl has started again
my shoe collection has grown yet again

today's lovin' post is apparently brought to you by things brown, leather and vintage
new vintage find from the local vintage fair - leather and knit jacket that fits like a glove and was so cheap it was almost laughable - sported here

thrifted vintage men's leather loafers

ultimate favorite thrift find - vintage coach bucket bag! more laughably priced than the above jacket...

tribal print clutch

not brown, technically not thrifted but found in my new favorite store which i have repeatedly mentioned on here, tomboy. vintage military shirt.