Tuesday, October 25, 2011

kinda a big deal

so i have had this project/event/adventure in the works for some time now and yesterday it finally all came to light.

oh...what is it? why, it was being a guest speaker on the art/doing of photojournalism for my good friend, eva's life academy digital photojournalism class.

okay, to fully understand how cool this is, i have to first tell you about eva. at the very core of it, she is amazing. no, actually that word doesn't cover it well enough. i mean this girl is AMAZING. the end. you know those people who are out there in the world, making an actual difference, putting themselves in positions to change the lives around them for the better, giving every bit of their soul to do so? yep. that's eva. she is a first year teacher and youth developer at a small public school in oakland, ca. is your jaw on the floor yet? it should be. she is also a coach, a young women's group leader, a proud and strong female and an incredible friend. like the title suggests, she is kinda a big deal. and the best part is that there is no soap box; not one in sight. she does this with the most sincerity and genuine heart and honestly, it blows me away.

so to get back to the story, a couple months ago i get an email from her asking if i would consider coming to her journalism class to present on the photo side of things. if i could show you how i reacted, i would. but let's just say that it was along the lines of a giant "guffaw, would i like to come present?!?!?! um, HELL YES!" to make a long story short, many emails, questions, photos and power point presentations later, i am standing in front of a group of amazing young women presenting on photos, climbing on tables, trying to make jokes and getting a sore throat from talking. it was fantastic. the highlights were definitely one girl saying at the end, "i want to take exciting pictures." and another girl staying after to ask about what kind of camera to buy. i can see why eva is so in love with these students. 

for those of you who are interested (and trust me, you should be) this is the link for the journalism class. they are accomplished and published writers - also kinda a big deal: Real Life Tribune

after, she took me out to a gorgeous restaurant overlooking a lake and we sat for almost 3 hours playing catch-up, talking about our mutual love for our pets, and just enjoying each others company. it was an incredible time.

naturally, given the chance to spiff myself up, i tried to dress the part of "professional guest speaker" but that facade may have been blown away once i crawled around on the tables...oh well. it went over well for the first part of the presentation.

1. i think blazers make most anything look more professional. especially when you score them at the 1/2 off thrift store for $1.50 and your good friend kels sews the buttons back on for you.
2. thank goodness high-waisted pants are a'plenty now. who ever thought that the lowrise look was flattering (guilty via high school years).
3. this belt is one of my favs - had it for years!
4. bib chain collar = :)
5. these shoes - bought em in ashland and can't get enough of them!

 and of course the photos of the gorgeous dinner location:
lake chalet in oakland, ca
candle lit dinner for two? how romantic! 

we discovered we have a mutual love for lemon drops

oh the city...


  1. Hi!! you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous! So professional. You must have wowed them with your presentation. Maybe some teaching in your future.

  3. A bit of a response in my blog this week:

    What an amazing afternoon we had together. It's a day that I will never forget. Thank you for sharing your passion with my students and with me.

    You are truly a beautiful woman.