Sunday, December 16, 2012

cold story an attempt to get back at this whole thegirlone thing, i am foraying into the inspirational world of big, bulky, maybe look like you could stuff two of yourselves into it, coats via the insanely wonderful street style photography of vanessa jackman (she's been on my blogroll since i got my membership card and has provided oodles of inspiration). this post feels multi faceted on the appropriate scale as 1) i effing hate the cold and revert to a toddler like mentality of sniffling and whining 2) in my humble opinion, sc is experiencing a cold front like no other and if it snowed tomorrow i wouldn't be that surprised (okay yes i would) and 3) part of me feels like not blogging on anything that could resemble a consistent schedule for nearly 3 months has left me in need of a protective layer in order to embark on it again. so feast your eyes on some gorgeous coats that appear 3 sizes too big and try to keep yourself from thinking that you probably need to go get yourself a few.

if it looks like a snuffaluffagus...and feels like a it  

why buy any old anorak when you could own one that your best friend can borrow - at the same time?

oversized collars that make you look like a flower

layers of warmth can do a coat good 

when all else fails, grab blanket

in no way am i rejecting any of these garments. rather, i want them all. at once. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

details details

i'm a such a sucker for the added accessories that chilly weather allows. and yep, still love boots beyond any sane resemblance of material obsessions. a while back i posted a collection of chelsea boots that were all calling my name and naturally i eschewed all of those options in favor of these gorgeous foot companions. i have incredibly narrow feet and when i stumble across a pair of boots that fit like a nice, tight sock (remind me to tell you about my childhood sock exploits - aka the period of my childhood that my dad calls "the worst time of his life") i fall head over heels, pun intended.

nine west sosie boot

this sweet little burgundy hat was originally purchased for the purpose of 1) keeping the sun off my face at the hardly strictly blue grass festival in sf and 2) because i just like owning lots of hats. but i am very much enjoying the color this fall and low and behold it covers my head nicely when i just don't want to do much more than comb my hair over one shoulder and call it a day. 

hat uo, scarf bunnies, glasses aj morgan, earrings local

but see how well it worked here too 

Friday, November 9, 2012

days go by

i have not been the most responsible blogger lately. i've been too busy being a responsible everything else. between a really chaotic quarter at school (i feel like i bring a whole new meaning to super senior), working, and trying to keep up with daily usual, i feel like there is very little room for anything else in my life lately. which truthfully makes me feel a little incomplete and a lot frustrated. subsisting on things like venti pumpkin spice lattes and whatever can be thrown together in 20 minutes or less for dinner doesn't exactly inspire lots of solid rest and down time either so things like blogging, staying in touch with friends and family and a growing pile of errands along with a growing pile of "to-dos" keep nagging at the base of my head.

oof. whiny, huh? well, it is all about balance i guess, and sometimes in order to reach a balance point, you must first teeter around on the edges a bit. meanwhile i find refuge in old and new favorites. i can't seem to bother myself to do more than pull out the comfiest of clothes and stick to the basics. jeans, boots of some sort, vintage jewelry plus a watch to constantly keep me on track. oh! but the new edition of this gorgeous vintage leather bag! this thing takes the cake. all cakes. i want cake. it's huge, fits a laptop plus books plus an endless amount of cords, camera, etc, etc. my neighbor bought it in italy many years ago and decided to part with it at her (incredible) yard sale. my happy, happy gain.

Monday, October 22, 2012

put a cap on it

this is feeling a lot like a theme of late but if something inspires you, stick with it until it no longer does. so this post, like so many previous, is brought to you by a love of the sf giants and baseball in general! currently caught up in game seven of the nlcs and can hardly sit still long enough to type this out. am freaking the fuck out and loving every moment of it.
feast your eyes for some baseball cap inspired fashion and go buy one - preferably one that has an "sf" logo on it

Sunday, October 7, 2012

lovin' delequint style

this has moved beyond ridiculous and into the realm of pathetic - have not been a very responsible blogger... somehow, two (+?) weeks got away from me and i am still lingering on my last post thinking that i should really get my ass in gear and sit down for five minutes to write a new damn entry. lots of things have happened which are probably easiest understood as a list (oh how i love thee). not limited to nor are the following are in any order of importance:

the giants have entered the post season (and have discovered that my hate for fox sports broadcasting can grow even more...)
i went to one of the last games of the regular season played at at&t park
school started
in accordance with above - i have already read  700+ pages in a week and a half
christmas presents have been purchased already
went to hardly strictly bluegrass festival in sf
new girl has started again
my shoe collection has grown yet again

today's lovin' post is apparently brought to you by things brown, leather and vintage
new vintage find from the local vintage fair - leather and knit jacket that fits like a glove and was so cheap it was almost laughable - sported here

thrifted vintage men's leather loafers

ultimate favorite thrift find - vintage coach bucket bag! more laughably priced than the above jacket...

tribal print clutch

not brown, technically not thrifted but found in my new favorite store which i have repeatedly mentioned on here, tomboy. vintage military shirt. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012


is there any better way to celebrate the first day of fall than with a NL West division clinch by the one and only band of brothers known as the giants? no? yeah, i didn't think so either.

if you have followed thegirlone for a while then you know of my avid love for the sf giants. see here for just a sampling of said love. and yesterday the g-men brought home the division win a whopping week before the regular season is over! if you have zero idea of what i am talking about then all you need to know is this: giants = 2012 division champs, holy fucking shit this is amazing! now we are off to attempt an incredible post season that hopefully ends with lots and lots of celebrating!

in ode to this particular epic first fall day, a{nother} casual day of running around getting crap done (i swear there is more to my life as of late...except maybe there really isn't...), proudly repping my hat and new orange bag, which i'm not gonna lie, the fact that it reminded me of sf had a lot to do with its appeal.

vans, gap boyfriend jeans, uo tank, vintage leather jacket, sf hat, aj morgan glasses, target bag, lucky watch

Monday, September 17, 2012

point a-d

proof positive that a) i love this shirt (perhaps too much), b) i am rehaving an affair with the hats in my closet, c) my obsession with anything that reminds me of beetle juice is still in full effect and d) when in doubt, add a red lip (you get offered a lot more help at the grocery store - senior citizen status). another casual day of running around doing errands. i'm 99% sure i have mentioned this already, but anything that even comes close to resembling what could be part of the beetle juice suit, i instantly become enamored with and want, want, want. i even have a pinterest board dedicated to all things vertical stripes. are you on pinterest? if so, give me a copy of your link in a comment and i would love to check out all your lovely pins! always hunting for inspiration, and hey, maybe you pinned something stripey and vertical and all tim burtonish and i need to obsess over it for awhile.

f21 pants, tomboy tank, o'neill cardigan, hat gift, old navy sandals, bare essentials lip color in strength, usual watch and rings

Thursday, September 6, 2012

my kind of classics

how is it that these jeans never fail me? they are truly the best thing in my closet, bar none. except for all those other things that i love which i'm sure are escaping my mind.  until then, dear 501's, you complete me. anyway, day of running around downtown, crossing errands of the list, getting shit done, and finding a few things in between that probably didn't have to come home with me but did.


ae striped top, vintage 501's, uo flats, cap + bag + glasses marshals

Thursday, August 30, 2012

flat footed

a heel injury/issue has relegated my feet to the flatter shoes in my closet, placing all my beloved heels literally out of proximity to my lower half. this of course, has spawned a whole new hunt for the perfect flat shoe which comes on the heels (oh yes, pun intended) of the waning summer and cooler days that call for closed toes, rich colors and textures and boot season. oh, i love boot season. this year my longings are fixated toward that of the chelsea style: short heels, low cut, elongated toe. oh, and if i was in the market to spend $750, a little bit of glitter too. however, before i do that, a good portion of vintage/thrift hunting will be taking place.

respectively from the top: asos, miu miu, asos, steve madden, marc by marc jacobs, asos

Saturday, August 25, 2012


i am a firm believer in the two battling concepts of comfort and impracticality. i know, a complete oxymoron. more often than not, i find that when i travel (anywhere, any distance) i magically combine the two into a marriage of one suitcase that is stuffed beyond all reasonable doubt that i, amber, don't know how to pack worth shit. take for example, the jaunt i made up to my hometown in the hills. the basic specs: 1 night, approx 30 actual hours of time logged there, main goal - reading in the sun by the pool, reading in the shade on the porch, reading until 2am in bed. so what do i pack? honestly i am a bit embarrassed by the masses of things that made the journey with me and all you need to know is that somehow i thought i was going to fit in two pants changes plus two shorts changes and possibly need a vintage crocheted wrap/sarong at the drop of a hat. huh? yeah, i don't know either.

yet another example of my odd combination are the photos below: whilst incredibly comfortable and more 90-year-old-women's cotton pajama esq than anything, add in leather boots in 100+ degree weather and suddenly you aren't so smart with your foot wear. whoops. but i love these boots, and i am well acquainted with my own love for shoes over the desire to abstain from foot sweat. ew. oh well, wasn't the first, wont be the last. i've also worn them in the snow...

vintage boots given from a family friend, fedora bought at said family friend's boutique, lucky watch, assorted bracelets vintage and small boutiques, vintage vest, target dress (old)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

food for thought

cravings would be putting it mildly. i think you could rather equate my desire for baked goods with the enthusiasm of a four year old in the cereal aisle after her mother tells her that no she wont buy the ubbersweetsugarcoatedmarshmellowtoatingchocolatecrisp but rather she is getting all bran fiber cereal. due to such, my baking pantry is now short of many key ingredients that i must go stock up on if i am going to keep the beast, aka me 99.9% of the time, at bay.

i decided to try my hand at biscotti and used this recipe sans the nuts. ew. and i also melted dark chocolate chips for the dunking part. anyway, they turned out delicious and even e, who is not usually a fan, couldn't stop eating them. you should make them. really, do it.