Sunday, February 3, 2013

nighttime zone out

 with little inspiring me in the realm of my closet or shoe collection at the present time, i spend my days dressed mostly in black and poorly layered for the fickle winter/spring-spring/winter days. i am attempting to find inspiration elsewhere though, and have been spending the moments at night when my brain cannot handle more homework or reading to shoe shop online and sift through blogs and tumblrs that are so filled with beauty and simplicity that it is okay that my brain can only handle the basic function of appreciating. i call it a therapy of sorts. it is only 9:43 but i am tired. and therefore i leave you with a stunning quote and the latest collection of shoe porn that has been building up in my shopping cart...


Born Kylin - Crown Collection 

Stuart Weitzman Upfront

DSQUARED2 W12A503246 49

Anne Klein Yilva

Dr. Martens Roma Tassle Loafer


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