Saturday, October 8, 2011


i am so excited because a dear old friend of mine is coming to visit me today! we have not seen each other in years (!!!) and so this is so long overdue. she is a really great gal and one filled with immense talent - check out her blog and etsy site: kelseydrew & the bears and the bees - and i am so beyond happy that we will be in each others presence today!

in the mean time, the rest of the week has gone a lot smoother than monday-wednesday (see here) and here are some of the things that i am loving:

skull scarf. bought one for my mom for her birthday in september and loved it so much that i got myself a matching one. if i can't find a suitable skull shirt with the right amount of drape (excluding the hideously expensive mcqueen one i want) then this will have to suffice.
thrifted ring that goes perfect on my right hand with my other four rings i usually stack together

an agate pendant that my mom found while gardening in an area i used to play in a lot as a little girl. i used to bury treasures in the garden and i guess that i left a few over the years. she sent it to me this week and i am glad to have it back after so long.

spaghetti squash with roasted tomato sauce: trying out seasonal dishes

a much happier gerty after our flea ordeal earlier this week

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