Wednesday, May 30, 2012

looking ahead

this past memorial day weekend had me thinking about a lot of things. i thought a lot about those for whom the holiday is for and feel very grateful to know a quite a few individuals who deserve to be celebrated not only for a three day weekend but every day. i hope everyone spent their weekend enjoying/someone something similar.

looking ahead, perhaps the patriotic mode has struck another cord as well, as i am pretty obsessed with the jacket below, as well as most things that are stars and stripes at the moment (although i am also really enamored with most things that have skulls on them too, so do with that what you will). weird puns aside, three day weekends of any kind always make me think of summer and just how close it is looming in the near distance. i know that some are already celebrating such in their free-from-school glory but i still have today and then two more weeks (!!!!!) and it is all i can do to keep from dreaming about the quintessential summer events, warm nights, camping, easy and simple separates in my always favorite black and white and beach beach beach. give me this jacket, put me in shorts in a tent on the beach on a warm night and by golly, i may never return. sounds great, right?


respectively from the top: topshop, breakfast at yurman's, pennylifeinpics,,

Friday, May 25, 2012

'nough said

oof! what a long week. monday and tuesday purely sucked and wednesday and thursday were spent in a lack-of-sleep, cover up attempt with lots of coffee, ultimately ending in sleep-walking like haze.
thank goodness it's friday, 'nough said.

blazer vintage, jersey dress & mens watch target, ring h&m, cuff paddington station, shoes vintage nine west

Monday, May 21, 2012

lovin' (monday edition)

a whole bunch of random things that have (mostly) been acquired as of late and that i am drawing on for material satisfaction. from new things in pairs to 21st birthday presents from e years ago, the things in these five photos have made me exceptionally happy.

two new necklaces, both of which were a total $ score! the collar with the pendant is from urban on super (super) sale and the disc is f21 and part of an upcoming rehearsal dinner ensemble :)

summer in sc does not always ensure that shorts will be warm enough, enter in fun pants! red on left michael kors and spotted/giraffe esq on right via loft.  both make me feel outwardly cheery and i am excited to leave behind my previous notion that only black or dark wash jeans are flattering. fun note about the loft pair, i think this is the first time that my tattoo has ever gotten me a discount :)

what i thought was originally a vintage plaid cropped top turned out to be from f21 via thrift store. the store-made fade had me totally fooled, especially since as long as i can remember, my grandma has lived in a similar form of top...

easily my favorite thing to hang on the wall, which is saying a lot. e made this for me 4 years ago for my 21st birthday and it is amazing. seriously in love with it! it now takes up almost the entire wall of our bedroom.

happy blooms for a happy (new) home!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

i like the same things...

i don't know if you remember me saying that i have a lack of creativity about me these days (or if you even care, really) but this is a material example of said statement. although i was sincerely pleased that i was appropriately dressed for the weather today and that i could class up campus with a vintage tuxedo jacket, i realized upon taking photos that this ensemble is really just a repeat of this. i also just realized the pun on classing up campus...get it, get it? anyway, take away a denim shirt, add a bib necklace and that's about all there is of difference. it's overrated anyhow. but not. this doesn't make sense anymore.

blame it on the end of week 7 of my last 10 week quarter before summer. whilst everyone else has their grad photos and summer plans blasted all over facebook, i am simply trudging along in my schedule of classes. june 15th cannot come soon enough! 

jacket & arm decor vintage, tank and glasses target, f21 jeans, h&m sweater, boots ae, necklace worldmarket

Monday, May 14, 2012


well we made it. we are in our new place, nearly 100% settled in and just enjoying the quiet. it's perfect for my ag├ęd self. ha! i truly love our new place and am excited to nestle down. the biggest challenge thus far has been combining shoving 1 1/2 closets into just 1/2 closet. i know, i know, kinda a lame thing to complain about but still...i am foreseeing many re-organizing projects in my future. anyway, like i said, we are settling in, walking around our new little neighborhood and meeting the jillions of kitties, watching every giants game and baking cookies (cause what says home like some chocolate chip deliciousness?)

oh, and to keep with my usual self - i am still exhausted.

not actually anywhere near our home but down by the boardwalk but i thought the sentiment was appropriate

all black with some crimson lips and amazing vintage boots

seriously one of my favorite pairs of shoes in my (small) closet

sweater gap, shirt basics, jeans dunno, vintage boots, cuff is gift from grandma, lipstick mac diva and essie lights

Thursday, May 10, 2012

calm before the storm

i feel like i am sitting in the calm before the storm. it is moving day eve and i know the weekend is going to pass in a flurry of chaos, moving trucks, things both boxed and unboxed and probably a decent amount of take-out. today as i was driving to our current residence i got all nostalgic and a bit down as i passed over the harbor and down certain streets. i began to feel like i was leaving a little community that i had grown to love. amazing how one creates those attachments unintentionally and how they don't really present themselves until you are leaving them behind. it may sound silly since we are literally moving 2 miles away but with all the little areas of sc, that does make a difference. but then i pulled into our complex and thought, "oh yeah. never mind. can we move tonight instead?"

i am looking forward to creating new attachments and finding new little areas to explore in our new neighborhood. there are so many cute neighborhood streets and restaurants nearby, not to mention that i am ridiculously close to the brewery where i holler for the giants games and still a stones throw from the beach.

in the process of moving, i am rediscovering all sorts of fun things that have long been hiding away in a closet or drawer. hopefully it will provide new inspiration as i feel that i am sadly lacking of creativity at the current moment. chalk it up to a stressful schedule and a serious lack of cake. seriously though, i need cake. anyway, these photos are from a while ago, same time as here. as of now, the boardwalk is on the brink of opening and relishing in all of its glory.

favorite cargo jacket from tjmaxx, lbd from i don't know where, vintage cowboy boots and usual jewels & glasses

Monday, May 7, 2012

small details make a whole

i feel that lately all i do on here is complain about how tired i am. i guess in saying that, once again i am asserting the fact that yes, i am exhausted. you know it is bad when you longingly look at the clock and try to mentally will it forward so that you can go to sleep sooner than later...which leads me to this point: whoever made up the rules about bedtimes? before "parental units" were the ones in charge, that is. where does the social stigma of going to bed simply for being tired despite it still being light out or before 11pm, come from? huh? anyone? last quarter two simultaneous sleep related things were said in my presence:
1) freshman boy and his galpal.
galpal: what time did you go to bed last night?
f. boy: oh, pretty early. you know, like 1:30.
what??? the last time i made it until a whopping 1:30am was when we stayed up for the midnight showing of rocky horror and we had to employ energy drinks and snacks and mindless television in order to make it.
2) two girls walking to class
girl 1: ugh, i had to wake up sooooooo early today!
girl 2: really???? what time???
girl 1: 9:30!!!!!
...................oh those rough days of yore, how i long for thee!

okay though. let's pull back for a minute. a) i am insanely glad that i am no longer the age of a college freshman. b) on the rare day that i manage to sleep as late as 9:30, i feel guilty about losing precious daylight hours. c) i actually have learned to love being a morning person and that my school lifestyle no longer requires me to stay in the studio till 1am.
or we can just call it was it really is: i'm 25 going on 75

anyway, it is moving week(!) and despite however tired i am, it is still moving week. fuck! yeah!

vintage scarf & bracelets, la made shirt, american apparel skirt, thrifted boots, ae sweater, target socks & glasses

as it is moving week, here is a preview of my new neighborhood. lovely, right? i think so. i got a jump start on introducing myself and my tripod to the neighbors.