Thursday, October 6, 2011

new day

ok, it is thursday and we are all going to think happy, positive, not. going. to. have. the same. kinda. first. half. of. the. week. thoughts!

and my favorite way to start of any day usually (ok, always) revolves around stumbling out to the kitche, half asleep and pushing the on button for the coffee maker. and my grind of choice lately has been the Santa Cruz Coffee Company due to a very lucky groupon i was sent. they have an incredible selection to choose from. the only downfall for this unemployed student is that it costs double of what my usual trader joes sumatra costs. perhaps i will just have to treat myself every now and again :)

if you live in sc then go here! if you don't live in sc, come visit me and i will take you!

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  1. fyi: all the coffee at stevenson coffeehouse is from santa cruz roasting. so if you're really craving a cup you can always go there for a cheap one (even if it is brewed at half the strength we would normally concoct :))