Wednesday, October 12, 2011

seeing red

for a while now i have been coveting a red blazer. the kind of red blazer that can only be found at a thrift store. i'm talking the cherry red, tomato red, strawberry icicle kind of red. well, i finally found one. naturally, the gem came with some serious shoulder pads as i am sure the woman who wore it as the topper to her lady-suit (kels word) in the 80's meant no nonsense and those shoulders were gonna show it. so after some much needed de-shoulder padding (they were a matching red, naturally) i have my perfect, bright, boxy, red blazer and whoa boy, let me tell ya that this thing stands out. especially when before this, the most colorful/bright thing in my closet was probably a mustard yellow shirt that i wear once in a blue moon. comfort zone? eh? maybe not as cracked up as they seem to be.

entire ensemble: thrifted blazer, infinity scarf from target, hanes dress, cooperative wedge oxfords from urban, wooden bangles from turkey, regular trio of rings, leather bracelet from local artist and lucky brand watch.

why are my fists semi clenched here? who knows.
also, who likes my classy backyard fence? thank you former residents.


  1. You'll never believe this but I just took my bright red, Land's End blazer down to the recycle shop. It had barely been worn since I decided red blazers were not my thing. Too bad. You could have had it for sure. Anyway, yours looks swell.

  2. I love this post :) very, very cute.