Monday, October 17, 2011


well, naturally it is october 17th and the sun is shining with full force, as seen below.

realistically i should be wearing my bathing suit and doing my homework on the beach rather than thinking about knits and coats and scarves. still, for all the bitching that i did earlier about the lack of warm weather and how i was just hoping that summer would show her face for longer than a few afternoons, now all i want is the cold. grass is always greener...yada yada yada, i know...

i have mentally transitioned away from summer and warmth but mother nature either refuses to play on the same schedule or just enjoys messing with me. not that i assume to have that much attention of mother nature...please, i am sure that i warrant no more than a mere blip on her radar screen of the big bad world.

however, i am still attempting to wear those knits that i have been craving. it is just with shorts and at the expense of my general comfort.

u.o. sweater & shoes/gap shorts

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  1. great outfit! those shorts are amazing!xx