Sunday, October 9, 2011

reconnected and it feels so good


yesterday a very dear friend of mine and i were able to reconnect after far, far too long. i met this girl in high school as we sat across from each other in the gym taking one of those state mandated tests that take all day....she counted the number of bleacher boards and i counted the number of pennants hanging on the walls - it was love from first boredom. since her last name goes sk and mine is sl, it was fate that for the rest of our h.s. careers we would be next to one another. sure enough, she was sitting next to me at graduation. this girl taught me the importance of tanning on our free periods from class, the power of iced coffee,  that you can be hardcore at just about anything, and that if you can laugh at something, do it!

yesterday was amazing. filled with coffee, thrifting, eating, watching the surfers, laughing at her amazing descriptions of things (mullet jacket) and talking, talking, talking. three years is a lot to catch up on in one sitting. but we instantly fell back into love with each other and have vowed to make at least a monthly visit happen. this girl is amazing!
 ps -  if you have a moment please take a peak at her two sites! kesleydrew - etsy she has mastered the art of vintage goodies (really, i saw her in action yesterday) & the bears and the bees her blog that is the epitome of her - bright, fun, and very creative!

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