Tuesday, October 18, 2011


woot woot! my hunter wellies from gilt arrived this week! i have been needing a pair of rubber boots, as i am very fond of tromping (really, i am like an elephant) in general and extra fond of tromping in rain, and wanted to snag a pair of hunters for some time now. however, like most things, hunters run on a higher price tag and naturally, without setting aside money every month they were going to be merely a dream of mine.

enter gilt.com. i have been a member for sometime now thanks to a dear friend, l. and yes, while the site boasts large %'s off of its gear, there was never anything that i could bring myself to buy, even at the discounted price. this was until a month or so ago when hunter wellies arrived in my inbox. of course by the time i got to them, they had long sold out and i was put on a waitlist. alas, they became available and i had 9 minutes (not an exaggeration) to buy them if i still had a hankerin' (hankerin': such an undeniable need for something that one reverts to backwoods expressions) for them. hankerin' abounding, i got em! and they arrived monday morning to a very delighted me and a less-than-enthused ups man. if he only knew! 

now if i could just get some rain so that the tromping may commence...

where they shall live until the overused sandals and flats are no longer appropriate due to weather


  1. Amber, I have these in green and love, love, love them. Truth be told, they might the most sensible winter boots for this Chicago snowy and icey winter - good traction on the bottom, can be worn with warm wool socks and so darn cute. Enjoy!

  2. I am in the same boat, waiting for ups to bring me my long awaited boots!! I'm so happy to see you now have one of the most fantastic rain boots around, also knowing that you will love and enjoy them adds a little somethin', somethin'!