Sunday, September 23, 2012


is there any better way to celebrate the first day of fall than with a NL West division clinch by the one and only band of brothers known as the giants? no? yeah, i didn't think so either.

if you have followed thegirlone for a while then you know of my avid love for the sf giants. see here for just a sampling of said love. and yesterday the g-men brought home the division win a whopping week before the regular season is over! if you have zero idea of what i am talking about then all you need to know is this: giants = 2012 division champs, holy fucking shit this is amazing! now we are off to attempt an incredible post season that hopefully ends with lots and lots of celebrating!

in ode to this particular epic first fall day, a{nother} casual day of running around getting crap done (i swear there is more to my life as of late...except maybe there really isn't...), proudly repping my hat and new orange bag, which i'm not gonna lie, the fact that it reminded me of sf had a lot to do with its appeal.

vans, gap boyfriend jeans, uo tank, vintage leather jacket, sf hat, aj morgan glasses, target bag, lucky watch

Monday, September 17, 2012

point a-d

proof positive that a) i love this shirt (perhaps too much), b) i am rehaving an affair with the hats in my closet, c) my obsession with anything that reminds me of beetle juice is still in full effect and d) when in doubt, add a red lip (you get offered a lot more help at the grocery store - senior citizen status). another casual day of running around doing errands. i'm 99% sure i have mentioned this already, but anything that even comes close to resembling what could be part of the beetle juice suit, i instantly become enamored with and want, want, want. i even have a pinterest board dedicated to all things vertical stripes. are you on pinterest? if so, give me a copy of your link in a comment and i would love to check out all your lovely pins! always hunting for inspiration, and hey, maybe you pinned something stripey and vertical and all tim burtonish and i need to obsess over it for awhile.

f21 pants, tomboy tank, o'neill cardigan, hat gift, old navy sandals, bare essentials lip color in strength, usual watch and rings

Thursday, September 6, 2012

my kind of classics

how is it that these jeans never fail me? they are truly the best thing in my closet, bar none. except for all those other things that i love which i'm sure are escaping my mind.  until then, dear 501's, you complete me. anyway, day of running around downtown, crossing errands of the list, getting shit done, and finding a few things in between that probably didn't have to come home with me but did.


ae striped top, vintage 501's, uo flats, cap + bag + glasses marshals