Friday, January 20, 2012


i can't help but think about old detective movies and film noir, specifically the maltese falcon, one of my all-time favorites with humphrey bogart, when i see trench coats. it's an automatic word association and a fun one at that. add a fedora and then i really feel like skulking around on gloomy days such as these with my collar pulled up, chasing down leads for my detective agency spade and archer. with the forecast full of clouds and rain for the next few days, i gotta get my fun in where i can. a bright lip and scarf help fight the grey as well. so perhaps a few more movies may make the weekend play list after all. any suggestions?

in other recent news - it is friday! yes yes yes! how is it that weeks that start with a monday holiday always seem to be longer?! i just have to make it through two classes this morning and then i am home free to enjoy a few days of (finally) winter weather. hello rainboots that have been sitting in my closet since i ordered them! there really are few things that are as great as trumping/skulking (to keep with the theme of this post) around in puddles.

hope everyone has a lovely friday and weekend!


  1. Загадочная) отличная шляпа и шарф!

  2. Красивый образ!!! Классное сочетание цветов! :)