Wednesday, January 4, 2012

pink party

i have never really been a fan of the color pink. so why i chose these out of the whole spectrum of the color wheel of pants that are abundant, i don't know. perhaps i have subconsciously made a resolution to break out of my comfort zone. so much for baby steps. yet i still had to make them "me." although the pants look like someone dipped them in a vat of highlighter ink, i must say, throw on a blazer and another neutral and i love them!

one of the best things i have discovered about our side of town are all of the benches hidden at the dead ends of streets along the cliffs of the beach
blazer = security blanket

nicole platform booties - love 'em

essie wicked, bf bracelet, menswear watch, usual rings + hm ring, silver wrap cuff, forever necklace

thrifted blazer, bdg tank, glasses & les folles de joie jeans from uo 

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