Sunday, January 15, 2012


ah-ha! at last it is a new week (as i always consider sundays to be the start of the week)! i awoke with a renewed sense of "take-on-the-day-ness" and have thus banished last week into the past. for those of you who think to yourself, "hmmm, isn't that a little redundant," i answer you with this: i have been blessed with the uncanny ability to dwell and focus on any number of topics or events to the utmost, teeniest detail to which point they no longer become things that have happened but rather things are are still/always happening within my mind. so it is until the point when i literally declare to myself that was then, this is now, that the separation occurs. and that separation has arrived today - sunday - the day in which i start the third (ohmygosh how did we get here already) week of january.

i am welcoming in the week with numerous things to read (for class), copious amounts of coffee (as usual) and the desire to get out into the sun while it still shines (weather forecasts are calling for possible rain on wednesday - i hope, i hope, i hope).

vintage skirt, vintage levi's jacket, target tank, lucky watch, franco sarto shoes, usual rings

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