Sunday, January 1, 2012

b&w and nisene all over

nothing like spending new years eve completely exhausted and wiped out due to an earlier hike through the redwoods...

actually, that is just how i prefer to spend my holidays. i love staying in, being cozy and in this case, ringing in the new year with a movie, pizza and a happy kiss at midnight.

but during the day we took a hike around nisene marks, a local state park that is full of redwoods that never fails to render me speechless. e's dad is in town and the three of us, along with many others, decided that a holiday saturday was a great day to immerse ourselves in the gorgeous sc mountains. while e and his dad were more in the mindset of a "hike", i was there to be on a "photo walk." i couldn't help but be inspired and awed by the ridiculously tall trees, some covered in so much moss that it looked like they were wrapped in velvet. others were spotted with fungi and some had fallen to the way side and were whitening with decay and sun.

i am re-falling in love with b&w photography, particularly in the landscape. and the photos that came out of the day feel a little post-apocalyptic to me with the extreme contrast that the filtered light provided. i love that there are only the two far ends of the grey scale in most of these photos and that all middle tones have seemingly vanished.

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