Monday, January 23, 2012

bundled up

naturally all of the images showing up on the internet, my favorite blogs and in my magazines all scream of spring and summer. splashes of color, neon on top of neon, prints galore, and bare legs are looking back at me and all i can do is look out the window at the grey skies. okay, okay, i know that i flip-flop my opinions about the weather about as often as i change my clothes. and not to say that i am not loving this bought of winter rain, because i am, it's just not always easy to stay warm during these grey days. however, it is a good thing that i have as hard of time parting with my clothes as i do my books. thanks to my on-going collection of warm knits, mixed with my few new investment additions, they have gone a long way toward keeping me toasty.

mixing in a levi's denim vest for depth

favorite cargo jacket with fringe, wrap cardigan 

all time favorite denim shirt (which is getting a lot of wear lately) with long knit vest. the vest usually has a belt but i like to tie it behind so that there is more movement in the layer

this cropped best has been sitting in my closet for years and is so warm! 


  1. I love the layering of all these! can't beat a chunky knit!


  2. love it!!!

  3. Love the 3rd combo! Super cute!