Friday, January 27, 2012

farewell greg

had time to kill while waiting for greg the toyota van to get smog tested so he can be sold tomorrow (he passed with flying colors). sidenote: did you know that the phrase "he passed with flying colors" is metalingual - language that speaks about language? it is such because the use of the metaphor "flying colors" implies that a less exciting statement such as "he passed" does not stress the importance/relief/whatever other emotion with enough emphasis, thereby needing a metaphor to fully express the magnitude of the statement. yep. anyway, we had to kill about an hour.

keeping things simple with grey tank from target, go-to gap denim jacket, new but thrifted banana republic trousers, vintage bag that always expands to hold everything, and my steve madden gladiator sandals that have not seen the light of day for some time. figured what with the temperature in the high 60's, fun sandals deserved to replace boots for a bit. 

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