Friday, January 6, 2012

little houses made of ticky tacky

yesterday was my big, final hoorah outing of my winter break which i celebrated by disappearing to walnut creek and various surrounding places with the darling kels. i go back to school on monday and this day trip fit the bill perfectly for yet another swell time with this lovely lady. as always, the day was filled with lots o' coffee, thrifting, and going to what i am going to term "grown-up disney land for the wealthy housewives of danville."

have you seen the show weeds? the one with the widowed suburban housewife who sells weed? well, the show is set in a town called agrestic and i am pretty sure that if the show wasn't shot at/in/near blackhawk plaza in danville then it was at least modeled after this place. it was quite ridiculous in the most fabulous of ways. creeks, fountains and waterfalls all running throughout the center of it, hidden pockets on spanish style verandas with cushioned lounge chairs and sofas, outdoor fireplaces encased in elaborate mantles, geese and ducks and swans swimming amongst the koi get the idea.

little boxes made of ticky tacky...
if i am counting correctly, this is fountain #6
decided to go with a strapless, paisley print maxi dress that i bought over the summer for a wedding, and i'm really glad i did too since the day turned out to be much warmer than i had anticipated. i paired it with a pale leather jacket as i have seen the like in a few different places and have really liked the way the structure of the jacket offsets the drape and general flow of the dress. and, of course,  ankle boots too.  

i never not laugh when i am with kels!

there were really amazing burgers...that you ate on couches...

trying to befriend the wild life

where we started the day - a lovely little french cafe

with their large coffees served in soup bowls

from here we go to the weekend. a few days filled with birthday celebrations for e! lots of long walks, rock climbing, batting cages, cinnamon bread french toast, flourless chocolate cake and whatever else he could dream of <3 i couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the last days of my break.

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  1. Amber, thought of you today when I went thrift-store shopping with my sister-in-law. I got some fantastic boots! My SIS got a fantastic suede, knee length jacket + some other great stuff. I hope you're well. I enjoy reading your blog. Tell me about the ankle boots you are wearing in this post. I like them!