Tuesday, January 3, 2012

pop (of color)

 maybe it is the sunny weather that we have been having here in sc these past few days but something i am calling the "color bug" has bit me and now i am fully infected. to be honest, i am just slightly, superficially, worried about the side affects of this new condition seeing as i am wholly and fully dedicated to my neutrals and basic colors. i know in large part, it is due to the unrelenting images of neon and brights that have been popping up everywhere from pinterest to vogue.

the portion of my brain that has been in retail for many years understands that the sales industry is always seasons ahead (explains the bathing suits already on display at target). i mean, come on, the fashion industry even created the "resort wear" season and runway shows that are overflowing with everything from floral prints to the perfect nautical striped shift to wear on your vacation to the south of france for this dismal time of year.

nonetheless, i am (maybe for the first time in my adult life) attracted to color and have even ventured into this world with the purchase of a pair of hot pink pants. yes. i have done it. photos to come later once i 1) figure out how to wear them without freaking myself out, 2) remember to pack the correct tripod head plate when i go out to take photos (today's failure). in the meantime, here is a dose of the images and colors that have been running through my brain.


photos in sequence from: nylonmagblog/herlolife/e's bike photos/vanessajackman/vogue.it/freepeopleblog/vogue.december2011/reasonstobreathe/midnightdreamboat/pinterest/refinery29/andywarhol.flowers

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