Saturday, January 21, 2012

an experiment

i am trying something out.
i absolutely love the "photo journalism" aspect of having a blog. the narcissistic elements of taking photos of myself and then writing about them are very cathartic, especially in a time when most of the people in my immediate world are not immediately accessible. and it is true, a blog is just like most any other social forum where the best and brightest parts are put on display. there is a great quote that goes something like, don't judge your worst moments by peoples' best public moments... or something like that. well, that is how i run my blog. it is fun. and it is sometimes silly. but it is all the time expressive and relieving and i truly enjoy it 100% of the time.

but there is an element of blogging that i would really love to contribute to my own personal experience. that is the act of reposting/reblogging the millions of beautiful images that i see on the lovely interwebs all the time. but i feel like i have (for the most part) created thegirlone to be me and therefore, this other aspect of blogging does not fit. so i have created a tumblr account so that i may share all of these other images that i truly love.

if you are interested in following that new account, please do! there will be little to no text written by me and hopefully it will serve as just a banquet of imagery. as soon as i figure out how to, i will put a tab on the right linking this blog to that one. in the meantime, here is the link: a-thegirlone

the first photo of the vans is mine, btw... gotta keep some of the ego going, right?

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