Wednesday, January 18, 2012


tights, booties, denim - oh my!
outfit inspiration: a combo of a ny street style photo (girl was rocking the denim shirt under leather jacket) and an overwhelming desire for different colored legs.

i am trying, albeit slowly, to take a bigger and bigger steps outside of my comfort zone. call it silly, but an email from the universe (what, you don't get them too?) suggested a few days back to do something every day that you are afraid of doing. so why not apply that to every part of my life? huh? either way, it brought the drop-waist, cropped, semi-harem pants out of the closet and now has encouraged the use of tights and short things on the lower half (more to come later). 

as for other things that slightly frighten me, school has started its second week and i already feel like i am in the thick of it. as i speak, thoughts about the sexual nature and use of gendered pronouns are running through my head in reference to two english translations of josé martí's "our america," on which i am writing a paper. in addition i am calculating the angular size of jupiter's moons and trying to determine how the hell i will ever use the unit of a light year in my daily life... i do get to hunker down this weekend to watch beauty and the beast though - disney is always a silver lining. that one is so that i can compare it to animal bride myths that have the same themes and the general use of beast + young lady = good stories. 

eggplant colored tights - target, mini - american apparel, plaid - forever, denim - vintage ralph lauren, jacket - express, booties - indigo for clark 

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  1. I think I like it but it looks cold. Maybe solid tights would help. Wool.