Friday, December 30, 2011

MMXI (2011)

i started this blog in the summer as a way to attack my general boredom before school started up in the fall. i had already been a feverish blog reader and with the encouragement of a friend, l, who blogged, i decided that maybe i would give it a go. even in just half a year this blog has transformed and changed as the months have passed and it has become something that i truly love doing!

i have gotten the chance to experience new places, new foods, reconnect with old friends, and had some huge and wonderful life opportunities in the duration of this blog as well as share my general love for all things clothes, thrifting, vintage, food and photography.

the best part has been being able to share them here. for anyone who reads, comments, glances or follows me, you make my day time and time again. from friends of my parents, to my very best of friends, you all are wonderful and i am full of love for you!

so here is a recap of my blog and half of a year spent on it...

born out of a love of coffee and needing something to do while drinking it at my kitchen table

guest teaching photography to a group of amazing and talented young women in oakland

falling in love with photography all over again

constant thrifting


ashland or, with the mom lady

flea market love with kelz!

shoes shoes shoes

the abandoned fort ord

discovering and appreciating where i now live

recipes galore!


vintage adoration  

as we say toot-a-loo to 2011 and embark on 2012, i just want to pass along an idea/phrase/inspiration that i just found - "be a lot of happy" - juan urbibe

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