Tuesday, December 27, 2011

mad about shoes

being 5'10 usually means 3 things:
1) i am at least in the top 4 tallest people in the room
2) i played basketball for a good portion of my school career
3) if i add heels to my outfit then i am no longer in the top 4 tallest people, but rather the tallest or 2nd tallest if e is there.

but as i have continually expressed here, i love shoes. a lot. all of them. and most of the time, flats just are not as exciting to me as heels. but lately i have been very drawn to loafers and have had my eye on a few pairs. while i was home for the holiday, e's mom gave me a very sweet gift - a gift card to a local shoe store, Kristines, that has had my business for many a year. well, this is what came home with me...

my ubber stylish friend jaq works there and thankfully she put them aside for me until i was able to come in to get them. i had quite the cinderella moment when i put them on...
steve madden madee in leopard 


  1. Wowzzza! I bet you rock those shoes!

  2. i almost bought these!!! they are steve mad-awesome and FUZZY and i know they will look banging on you