Friday, December 16, 2011

(good) friday

today was a really great day. nothing too extraordinary happened; it was just a really nice day. 
i look forward to friday all week. not necessarily for the usual reasons of work/school being over and the weekend beginning but because it is the first day of the week that e and i get to spend entirely together and it always makes me grateful for our time together. today was spent doing all sorts of holiday things like e finishing up his christmas shopping and wrapping presents. we also finally got around to taking our portraits that we are going to be handing out with gifts this year. we took some about 5 years ago while i was at brooks but haven't since and we really have grown quite a bit in every way. the above photo is one of the outtakes that didn't make the cut for the final selections but i love it nonetheless. it isn't quite the standard portrait but then again, we don't really feel like the standard couple all of the time so i think that it (and the rest) really are representations of us. we also did the rare thing of seeing a movie. we don't do this too often but we decided to take in the matinee of sherlock holmes and it was long but very entertaining. the day then ended with pizza and just relaxing at home -- an ideal day. 

now it is just a countdown until we are surrounded by our loved ones next week. i can hardly stand the wait! in the meantime, i will just keep playing my she & him holiday pandora station (seriously the greatest ever!).
happy weekend. i hope it is filled with fun holiday preparations and lovely people!

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