Sunday, December 11, 2011

take a breath

there is nothing like a head-splitting, body-numbing, sleep-enducing migraine to really make you slow down for a second. which, lucky me, is exactly what i go last night at 5:15 when i felt the familiar tingling in my left hand and went into pure panic mode, tore through the house to find my migraine medicine and guzzled it down with water. then i went to bed and got up at 11:30 am this morning.

i have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what the trigger was, what new food i ate, if i was around any cheap perfume or cologne, if i had tweaked my neck...nothing came to mind. so when b suggested the it was the stress and exhaustion of school catching up to me and forcing me to slow down, i don't think she was far off. it is so easy to just get in the flow of things and go, go, go. even though it has been almost a full week since my last class, and i got to go home for a few days to unwind, my body still wasn't caught up with the relaxed mind set that i had adopted.

and i know for a fact that i am not the only one in my world right now who feels like the world is spinning a bit too fast. decemeber is close to half over which means that all sorts of good things are right around the corner. unfortunately that also means that there are a few hurdles to jump in order to get there and sometimes they all get lined up at once so that you need more than a running leap to clear them all (what the track reference?).

that being said, the body often will let you know when it just can't take anymore. hence, me last night and the migraine hang-over that i get to feel today. so i am trying to look at the silver lining (tinsel lining?) and remember to just breath for a moment.

one aspect of photography that i have always loved is capturing the form of the human body. the back in particular, has always been my favorite aspect of it. i love the contours, shapes, muscles and lines in it and how simple black and white can paint it. it is one of the most unique parts of the human form that can be found and yet so elemental and simple at the same time. similar to just stopping for a moment to appreciate a breath.

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