Wednesday, December 7, 2011

this or that gift giving

as the upcoming holiday is getting closer and closer (18 days!!!!) i have been running through my list of gift recipients in my head to make sure that i was able to get everyone covered and in a financially responsible way. now, i am one of those that shops year round for the holidays. i mean, why wait? not only do i love giving gifts, but i love finding that special something for someone that really matches them. shopping early also allows me to collect ideas and then find them for the best price.

i have seen so many bloggers do gift guides that i decided to try my hand at it. only i tried to replicate the type of gift shopping/buying that i do. i collected a few examples of "this or that" where the items are nearly identical but the price varies greatly.

scarf: left - $50/right - $20
tea cup and saucer: left $18/right - thrifted for $2 each
beaded cluth: left - $228/right - $27
mercury glass candle holder: left (votive set)- $60 for set/right (hurricane) -$10
this or that

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