Tuesday, December 6, 2011

grey matters

home home home and very happy to be here! i got to meet up with kelz halfway home for some brief shopping, cranky sees candy ladies and really weak coffee. and it was fantastic! now i am sitting in the big chair next to the fire, christmas tree lit in front of me and watching the adams family. school is the last thing on my mind and i am really looking forward to the next few days here!

grey is probably my favorite color of clothing. i am always drawn to it and wear at least a little every day.

this sweater is an amazing thrift find! it is a poncho-tent esq long sweater from h&m and i love how it hangs.

this jacket has come in handy so many times this cooler season. a zip-up fits easily under it for the really cold days and otherwise it is the perfect weight for everyday.  

special note to the vintage fishing lure bracelet - it was made by kelz. here are photos of her other creations!
forever jeans/clark by indigo booties/h&m thrifted sweater/lucky watch/bf bracelet/custom kelz bracelet/uniform jacket/usual rings + forever rings & necklaces 

new matching silver bird ornament courtesy of kelz from pottery barn. ps - if there is a pottery barn near you, go! the decorations are beyond gorgeous...felt like i was home...

pyrite necklace from forever :)


  1. finally a post! i missed yo pretty face :) love dem booties gurl. GREY CLOTHES FOR LIFE.

  2. and on days we want to brighten and lighten? we toss in some heather grey. And those days we are feeling so so bold? ....silver. whoa whoa whoa.

    you're pretty. the prettiest.