Tuesday, December 27, 2011

enabling pt1

e is such a swell guy! this joby gorillapod was one of my gifts from him and today i got to start playing around with it. i can't wait to take it outside on hikes and the like to experiment. i may even be able to fit it in my purse...

anyway, there seemed to be themes to the gift giving this year. two that reigned supreme with mine were in the accessory world of jewelry and kitchen, both of which i try to frequently feature here. so this is the jewelry version (the kitchen will be coming shortly, since some of them wont be arriving until thursday. guess i will just have to stockpile a recipe or 5 to try out when they get here). 

the bf, b, well she knows me well. so well that she checked out my pinterest and found that incredible stencil print on it and then made it for me. oh, did i mention that she is super talented too? cause she is. 

crystal wrapped hoops from e, from a local store here in sc that features all sorts of unique things and handmade jewelry from local artists.

okay, now this is really cool! this is a necklace given to me by my brother and his gf, s. it came from the ansel adams gallery in yosemite, where they both work during the summer. it is made by kate rutherford, a professional rock climber who also makes incredible jewelry. she picked these stones out and then hand carved the groove into them for the leather to lay. this gift has also brought about the discovery of her blog/website: kate rutherford which is quite incredible and i encourage you to check it out!

i think these are such an unique take on chandelier earrings with the mixed metal and the straight bar across the top

a wide silver ear cuff from etsy

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