Sunday, December 18, 2011

on my mind...noomi rapace

after watching the new sherlock holmes the other night, i couldn't get the leading lady in it out of my head. come to today when i buy the dec/jan issue of blackbook magazine and who is on the cover but noomi rapace, the gypsy heroine that had been occupying my mind. this lady is gorgeous and even though i haven't ever done a post on a celebrity, the character she played as well as the character's costumes deserve one.

i have always thought that being a costume designer for a film would be the ideal job. the research, dedication, fun - it sounds like it is right up my alley. noomi's gypsy woman was covered with jewelry, tight bodices, full skirts and rich textures and patterns, not to mention that she rocked a hat for half the film.

hey there cheekbones!

now for my own take on a wee bit of gypsy...
i love a good hat and throw one on when i don't feel like dedicating too much time to my hair (read - very often). and this fedora has been a go-to for the fall/winter months over my straw fedora that i obsess over in the summer and spring.

however, this chocolate brown fedora does attract the stray piece of lint 

and a vintage beaded choker that i just acquired from a local vintage bazaar at 1/2 off!

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