Monday, December 12, 2011

building blocks

every once in a while there is something that i pull out of my closet that just begs to be the center of attention. when something stands out as such i use it as the main building block of my outfit. usually, it is shoes. however, when i found this vintage tux jacket at a thrift store in medford, oregon, i knew it was going to be fun. so today, this jacket was the center of my attention and my main building block. 

also, this is my absolute, favorite of all time, one of a kind, shirt. it too is vintage and i picked it up on haight  6 years ago. i love the collar, the buttons have been re-sewn over and over, it briefly lived in b's closet, and the pocket on the front is detached at one corner. yep, it is my favorite. and here i love how the lapels are layering.

it is just a tad bit oversize, which makes it great for rolling up the sleeves and swing nicely. since it is vintage it is also that great polyester that doesn't breathe so it was perfect for running christmas errands in town on a cold and grey day.  

fun fun fun

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