Tuesday, August 2, 2011

to the market we go

so this coming weekend holds a large flea market in my hometown area and this will be the second year i will be attending. however, last year consisted of arriving late, dragging e around while i poked at all the goodies and leaving with only a few (e does not like to hunt through flea markets - which i already knew going into it). so this year i am going with an entirely different game plan and a different teammate - k - who has WAY more experience with this particular market and goes in with a mission (i admire this so much!)

we are talking fanny packs, running shoes, extra caffeine and arriving a full hour before the shindig actually starts. some may call this ridiculous, i call it being (ridiculously) prepared.

anyway, after k explained that she usually has a list of things she hopes to find, i decided to make one of my own. here are a few of the things that i would love to bring home to my small apartment so that i can overstuff it, my closet, the spare bedroom closet, and drive e crazy (the last one not intentionally but let's be honest, it's gonna happen).

first and foremost, we are on a hunt for vintage books for k

a skinny leopard belt that i'm hoping someone will be selling for a mere 25 cents

fun and funky baubles (which will hopefully be aplenty)

now, i know i wont find emma's burberry trench there, but i am hoping to find a classic trench that i can have tailored for the upcoming fall/winter/fog/rain/trekking around campus

and of course so many other goodies that i can't comprehend at the current moment. i am very excited.

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  1. not to steal thriftthunder but i love books too, throwing it out there. not books, just the idea...throwing books is mean. and dangerous.