Thursday, August 4, 2011

blue songs are like tattoos

*gap denim jacket, selé dress, nicole heels

 *tried and true wardrobe staple!

has anyone else noticed that going to a new doctor really feels like going to an interview? think about it. there is the anticipation, the nerves, you spend more time on your appearance (so you don't look like a bum but rather a responsible, clean, upstanding person), you arrive early so you can prepare, then you sit and wait to be called in...
basically the same, and at the end you are just hoping that they give you good news. 
today i went to the dermatologist to double check for possible melanoma signs and while getting ready i felt like i was going in for a job. i haven't taken that much care getting ready in a long time (because let's be honest, i rarely get out of my stretchy pants). and after all the anticipation (and pure stress involved with the actual apt) i did get good news - all clear.

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