Friday, August 26, 2011

all of the comforts

when each morning usually starts out in fog, it is easy to long for the hot, hot, hot days that always meant summer at home. though the other day it did break the 80 degree mark here and that was cause for celebration (my cats and i spent a few glorious hours outside before the fog came rushing back in with a vengeance).

 my(things)self and gerty enjoying the outdoor world

and in speaking of home and the hot (read: real) summer, here are some photos from my last trek there and the wonderfully quirky and comforting things that make me love where i grew up! i hope that everyone has a little list of all the things that they appreciate about their home (especially if you are like me and it took many years and many moves to understand to the fullest extent how lucky i was am).

never will there be any bakery/coffee shop that holds a special place in my heart like aria <3
i mean, come on, i get personalized messages from them in my lunches!

i love my mother's quirky sense of humor and how much she and my dad love to camp!

a buddha that sits in one of the gardens

sitting outside on my parent's patio and reading

a vintage schwinn bike that has a permanent place on the front porch (he gets dressed up for the holidays with lights).

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