Saturday, August 13, 2011

good finds

well...of all the things on my list for the flea market i attended a week ago, i came home with zero of them. sigh. we did find all the things that k needed though, so it was still a very successful adventure. and just because i didn't come home with the exact things that i went in for, that doesn't mean that i came home empty handed...

the most unique belt that i now own (a whopping 50 cents!)

as if i needed more bags...whoops. but still, a leather satchel, a berry colored structured bag (for which i have been on the lookout) and a handmade, butter soft, pale yellow medicine bag - who knows what i will do with it, parking $ perhaps, but it was too gorgeous not to bring home.

a few clothing items: a vintage fringe shall that i am thinking will be lovely for a sarong; a black, loose, structured top that just needed one seam mended (which i, amazingly, did myself - i am, sadly, needle impaired); and a berry colored, vintage, maxi, pleated skirt that i will have to really work myself up to wearing (read: COLOR COLOR COLOR) but it reminded me of an accordion and was $1. for that amount, i can get over my fear of anything besides black, grey and navy. 

as for a few others: our fuel for the morning: coffee and homemade raspberry & cream cheese muffins/ myself and k waiting in line for the flea market to open (yes, there was a line and yes, those are fanny packs...)/some odd but fun skulls that one vendor had for sale/and finally, what the bag of k's car looked like after we were done... 

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