Thursday, August 18, 2011

nearing september

it is already halfway through august and do you know what that means?
that means that in the fashion world, the largest version of most fashion magazines are making their way to the newsstands.

as anyone who has dropped by my home unexpectedly knows (as do most of my best friends, boyfriend, and family) i am a bag fan of magazines. i am talking piles of them...and i am proud to be a dog-earring, page tearing, idea stealing, cover-to-cover reading fiend of these monthly publications. so when i start to see the september issues rolling around, i do get a bit excited. there is something wonderfully relaxing to me about flipping through every page of a magazine. i love to breakdown each advertisement, stare at the editorial fashion spreads in search of the lighting styles and read the pages of articles. i like to think that if there are thousands of hands out there in the world creating these publications (and as someone who knows the smallest, smallest, smallest bit about how much goes into making any sort of publication), then i will reward them by continually admiring their work.

for those that haven't seen the 2009 documentary the september issue about vogue and its editor in chief, anna wintour, i suggest you put it in your netflix que. you don't have to be an admirer of fashion to admire this film. even for those of you who think that fashion is nothing beyond a superfluous, superficial business, i think (hope) that you can admire that amount of work, brilliance and creativity that is displayed by the amazing grace coddington (creative director of vogue) alone.
this woman has my dream job. 

*interview with grace coddington (not part of the september issue)

*official trailer for the september issue

next time you are at the checkout line, take a peak at the magazines there and notice how thick the september issues really are!

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