Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the simplicity of it all...

i'm sure it is like this with most people and their chosen hobbies/lifestyles/careers to some degree. people are always going to be asking e about bikes. other people will always ask b how to spell things since she is an english major (i am guilty of it). and people will always ask me if i think film is dying and digital photography is taking over in place of it. and i will always answer: no.

without going into too much detail on my response, there is something elegantly simple about film and as long as that does not change, film will remain. just because you, your mother, her best friend, and her best friend's neighbor all own a digital slr they purchased from target, or walmart, or best buy does not mean that digital is the big mean bully on the school playground that comes along and pushes film off of the swings.

of course, i shoot digital. i mean, come on, there is a very miniscule chance that while i am attempting to pose in my backyard, all while counting backwards from ten slowly as to match the timer on my camera and still take 183792340745 pictures of myself before i can decide on 3 to actually use, that i would do the same with my film. if that were the case, this blog would NEVER see my face nor many other images for that matter and you few souls who read this would be bored to tears. even now, i think i am approaching the limit of words allowed per blog post and someone, somewhere in the blog-o-sphere is going to pop up a la state farm insurance commercial and tell me to can it.

but that is not the point. the point is that i have been thinking a lot about simplicity and for some reason, the world of film popped into my mind in relation to it. perhaps my favorite all time black and white photo is by the amazing american photographer, edward weston. his study of nudes leaves me awestruck every time and somehow, i was lucky enough to see a good number of them in person whilst living in santa barbara.

edward weston, nude, 1936
*image borrowed from http://0rchid-thief.livejournal.com/646774.html

edward weston, nude, 1925
*image borrowed from http://www.edward-weston.com/edward_weston_nudes_23.htm

edward weston, nude, 1927
*image borrowed from http://www.edward-weston.com/edward_weston_nudes_15.htm

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