Wednesday, August 3, 2011

birthday wishes


today is a very special day because it is my best friend, b's, 24th birthday. this girl woman is amazing in all senses of the word. in honor of her, here are a few of my favorite memories of the two of us:

1. chicken wing attacks in my kitchen
2. big-ass truck talks
3. highly inappropriate conversations in the liquor aisle of savemart
4. saving her from the snow
5. michael jackson dance nights
6. barbie goes camping
7. nerd costumes on halloween
8. the best family christmas photos ever
9. Hottie McSexyhair, Barb Haggystein
10. meeting one another

now, i completely understand that no one but her and i will recognize anything on this list but let me just tell you that all of these moments were hilarious and heartfelt. she is a goodin' and i can't wait to spend my life loving her!

                       HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!

1 comment:

  1. <3 thank you loverpie.

    so glad to have you in my life and (laser)pants. you rock my world and make even the greatest things (see list above) that much better. they would be meaningless (literally) without a kindred soul to share, laugh, drool and love them with.