Monday, August 15, 2011

case of the mondays

it would seem that the come-down from a good weekend is inevitable. truly. i think the universe conspires every once in awhile to find a few souls who have spent their 48 hours of weekend in genuine happiness, the kind that doesn't necessarily blossom from anything other than enjoyable activities and sweet company, and then trash their following mondays. all while the gods sit back with their popcorn and laugh like at it like it's a bad steve martin screwball comedy.

it reminds me of the quote from office space, "someone's got a case of the mondays." yes. i do.
whew...unloading much?

anyway, it is only monday and already i am scouring back through photos of the weekend in search of some of that happiness (or even calm) that i can reclaim. slowly, it is working its magic and my shoulders are starting to drop from their favorite position (up around my ears).

this photo is my favorite of the weekend. it is taken in the forest of nisene marks in aptos. i love that i can stand in a forest of redwoods and feel completely insignificant (in the best of ways) and that there is just utter peace surrounding me. these are the sorts of feelings i need to recall on days like today. 

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