Thursday, April 12, 2012

giddy (up)

maybe it is in the blood. or maybe it is on the runways. or maybe i just like to say that i don't own very many red things and then go out and disprove myself. or, mind bender...maybe it is all three!!! alls i knows is, that i be liking any shirt with pearl buttons, cowboy motifs and that come from my favorite vintage haunt here in sc.

first: pearl buttons. what says "class" more than that? answer: nada. i mean, come on, they feel so much more fancy than just your average button and they snap! snap! with that really satisfying sound!
second: cowboy motifs: this one runs the gamut. from politically incorrect statements regarding native americans to stage coaches and ropin' -- all probable scenes are accounted for!
third: things red. apparently they are calling my name. now, admittedly, had this shirt been any other color, i would have still purchased said shirt, but it happens to boast that bright cherry tomato red that manages (quite easily) to stand in sharp contrast to the otherwise monotonous collection of plaid and black that hangs in my closet.

hookin' thumbs in belt loops is a must
i think my arms are raised in a "see??? isn't this an awesome shirt???" sorta way

pearl buttons!!!!

official introduction of my furry, orange pal. aint he cute?!? and so photogenic. i feel like he improves the image ten-fold.

alas, he is a large marge and i think this image of the two of us getting to know each other really demonstrates his true size. also, you get to see my shoes, which, as you know, i love. 

one more for good measure (and i like his back paws here).
vintage shirt, h&m boyfriend shorts, uo wedges, target glasses, two simple silver chains that i have been wearing for a month without removal (gifts from parents back when i was in junior high) and usual rings.


  1. That vintage shirt is awesome! I love the color and the funky print.
    Adorable cat too by the way.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I like yours too so I'll be following.

  2. Could you be anymore adorable? Jeeze!! It's incredible how gorgeous you are.

    As if you didn't already know, that shirt is pretty bad ass.