Monday, April 9, 2012


who's exhausted? raise your hand. i'm raising mine. i thought that was supposed to be a "holiday" weekend...oh yes, i forgot, those are usually not in the realm of the relaxing unless it is a self-imposed "holiday" in which case, by all means, i hope you spent more time in bed/on couch/near any horizontal position possible with a limited amount of brain-wave activity happening. take that however you want.

but my new favorite adjective stems from a new quarter. which, although it goes insanely quick and i appreciate sitting through 10 weeks of class rather than 16, makes it hard to adjust every 3 months. especially when this one calls for a 5 am wake up call. who does this? oh, me. and to think...i have two best friends who willingly (read: real world obligations) do this daily. oy!

anyway, yes, tired. but fueled on by the ever approaching warm summer months. i am certifiably solar powered, termed by my dear b, and at least enjoy walking onto campus as the sun peaks over the horizon makes for a pretty incredible view: sun + mountains + ocean. so in lieu of those moments and the happy face of the sun, i can't wait to use the following:

bathing suit!!!!! yes!!! how can this not be on the horizon of exciting things to come??? bottoms by h&m for a mere $3 (uh-huh!!!) plus what i am terming my beetlejuice bandeau (all i want lately are things that scream the beetlejuice tux. you know how people always refer to dumb and dumber and the pastel tux duo in reference to any formal occasion? well, the beetlejuice tux is the one that does it for me. the only thing holding me back from purchasing something along said lines for k & p's upcoming nuptials is that 1) i am in it, 2) she said no sequins but i'm 99.9% sure that she also meant nothing along these lines (pun intended) either and 3) if i bought said tux, who knows if i would ever take it off and that would be bad because i'm prone to spilling.  
(wow...long caption)

a lacy, vintage top found at a thrift store that i am imagining with high-waisted things and fun sandals. easy, breezy, summer. done. 

 large stone pendant necklaces that are unique and stunning! this beauty was a very generous gift from a long-time family friend (whom we stayed with in az for spring training). she makes some incredible jewelry but also boasts a room full of vintage goodies that is left over from when she closed her store.

proof that hoarding isn't all bad - this necklace. originally purchased back in 2007 from uo on majorsupernexttonothing sale and which i proceeded to wear a handful of times. flash forward 5 years and not only does it fit my "living by the beach motif" but also brings about the whole two-chain-in-one thing i love so dearly.

 the best things are always free. as in free gift with purchase? eh...maybe, maybe not. and not that i am want for more little pouch/carrier/thingies but i did happen to toss out a lot before we moved and now every time i pack my bags (which i seem to have done a lot in the past 8 months) i can't find the right little doodad to put makeup, jewelry, whathaveyou in without dumping something else out. also, i really needed to restock my face lotion and sunscreen and clinique just happened to be dumping these + a collection of spring nude shades into customers' open hands. 

and finally, this is my new pal. i don't know his name nor do i have any clever made-up ones (yet). he has been showcasing a canny knack for finding me whilst i'm out posing for myself and making himself (loudly) known. so you will be seeing more of him in up-coming posts ;) fun stuff. 

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